Digital Marketing Freelance Opportunities For Women At Home

Women are always known for multitasking. Be it taking care of family, household chores, career or whatnot. But does that mean we must compromise on our careers in the long run?

Due to unfortunate reasons, women have to sit at home and become dependent on their families. But not anymore. Digital marketing is booming worldwide and has tremendous opportunities for women at home, be it at any stage of their lives.

If you want to learn the skills that can help you earn from the comfort of your home, digital marketing is for you. You can learn more about digital marketing and its opportunities from my eBook (which you can order below). You can, too, BE YOUR OWN BOSS and become financially free.

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What's inside the book?

✔  Challenges faced by women at each phase of their life.
✔  Real Stories of Women And What They Want.
✔  Uncovering Digital Marketing Freelancing Opportunities.
✔  Case Studies of Successful Women Freelancers.
✔  How To Get Started With Digital Marketing Freelancing Guide?
✔  How to close deals to get more clients?

Readers Testimonials

Sowmya Rajamani
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On reading this book, I am reminded of the proverb, “Teach a woman to fish, and everyone eats for a lifetime”. And Jayasty teaches women several ways to fish (to stand on their own) in her book. This book, in simple terms, is a calling for all women out there who wish to achieve financial independence from the comfort of their home – be it a college student, homemaker, single mom, or any woman with the aspiration to work for that matter. The best part is, that she has given an honest account of her own experiences and of those she saw around her, which would greatly help you with avoiding those pitfalls. These key learnings would literally handhold you in making wise decisions about your financial stability. The importance of learning and acquiring skillsets cannot be emphasized better. If you are a woman having a longing to change your life and the world for the better, then this is a must-read book to learn from!
Om Sen
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The book is very informative and motivational for whoever wants to achieve something out of digital marketing and freelancing. The book is basically women oriented and it shows the way that how a woman who is a housewife can earn from digital marketing but I think this can be read by anyone and have some benefits. About the book- We all aware of the challenges faced by women in their life. They had to go through a lot and face many challenges in every phase of their life. The book basically is a research of what women want who are currently housewife. It talks about digital freelance marketing for women and how they can start a new journey in their life out of it. The book has also many success stories of women who had already got success in the field of digital marketing. The book has a detailed plan of how to begin your freelancing journey through the scratch.
Harpreet Kalra
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Everything is in detailed and the topics are valid and something that builds curiosity. Terminologies and words used are easy to understand. Overall my experience was good reading and understanding it. So good job👏 Must read for those who are looking for online opportunities to be able to work from anywhere. This particular ebook will allow you to understand about different opportunities available in the market + others’ perspectives on how to go about a particular opportunity. All the women mentioned in this ebook have started everything from scratch, learned skills and monetized them. If they can do that, you can too. Kudos to you Jayasty for coming up with this amazing ebook to help women uplevel their game.

Who is this book for?

  • Women who want to work in the comfort of their homes.
  • Any woman who thinks a full-time job is not for her and wants to be her boss. 
  • Homemakers who wish to build their own identity and become financially free.
  • Working professionals who want to quit a job or switch careers.
  • Women who need money to build on their passion in the long run.
  • Women who wish to develop their online business.
  • College students who want to make some pocket money to enjoy or invest in themselves.
  • Fresh graduates looking for a job or preparing for competitive exams
  • Divorced women struggling to earn income or find a job.
  • Single moms struggling to take care of children and make a living.
  • Relocated women finding it challenging to find a job.
  • Women who have been retrenched during COVID-19 facing challenges finding a job.

About Jayasty

Jayasty is the founder of and She is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Graduate by Qualification and a Marketer by Profession.

She has ten years of experience in the marketing industry in different verticals of marketing, including Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Trade Marketing, and Event Management.

Currently, she is a Digital Marketer with expertise in Content Writing, SEO, Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Organic Social Media Marketing. As a Freelancer, she has worked with 20+ clients across various niches, including Finance, IT, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Travel, Digital Marketing, SaaS, LinkedIn, Real Estate, Skincare, and Celebrity Weight Loss.

She has written 400+ articles across industries as a writer and now launched her Book on digital freelancing, where she shares her experience as a freelancer and how other women have succeeded in their lives. Women can learn these digital marketing skills and earn from the comfort of their homes. 

She is on a mission to help as many women across the world to get them started with their Digital Freelancing journey. She wants to help women live their passion and dreams by guiding them in the right direction to become financially free and BE THEIR OWN BOSS.


The price varies for different countries. In India, the Amazon Kindle eBook cost is Rs 199/-, and the hardcopy cost is Rs 500/-. In other countries, an eBook costs $9.99, and a hardcopy book costs $19.99. 

The Book is available in pdf, Kindle, and hard copy. If you want to buy the pdf version of the eBook, it is only available in this store. If you want an epub version of the eBook, you can buy it from Amazon Kindle. If you want to buy a hard copy of the Book, it is available on Amazon and Flipkart. Please note if you don’t find an eBook or Book in your respective countries, you can buy it from

The Book will help you understand all about digital freelancing (and the proven methods that have worked for me and other women) and how you can get started with your freelancing journey. If you are not interested in Freelancing in the long run, you can still earn money as a side gig or build on your passion.

No, you don’t need any prior experience or skills to start your freelancing journey from scratch. Neither do I have previous experience in this field nor other woman I have covered in this book.

By the end of the Book, you will know all the skills that can help you get started in the digital marketing field. You can decide which skills are best for you that resonate with your passion. You will get inspired by other women who have mastered the skills and started earning from the comfort of their homes. This will help in building your confidence and motivate you to get started.

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