Juggling my roles as a Blogger, Freelancer, Social Media Influencer and much more isn’t always easy. This is blogger Jayasty “digital porch” where I invite people to join me for tips and tricks that keep home, family, business, and social life together and balanced.


Health Advice

For those who get frustrated with the status quo and ideals of what we “should” be, who want a 360-degree approach to self-care, with advice for betterment in the workplace, home, and on the go, this is a one stop place for you.


Relationship Advice

This blog will resonate with anyone looking for friend-to-friend advice from someone who likes to motivate and empower people. We offer to take on just about every topic for a healthy relationships,  relationship with family, friends, colleagues and other people which you meet through.

Enjoy your life by loving yourself, want to learn more and keep yourself updated, then join us.